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Retro Interiors: Mad Men style

Hello, everyone! I know, Mad Men is most likely not new for you, but believe it or not, I just started watching it (living in Europe leads to this kind of consequences). I’m at first season and slowly catching up with all the episodes, hoping that one day I can proudly say that I’m in a row with everybody. And being a new fan of this series, I couldn’t avoid having my eyes on the fabulous cast (of course), their outfits, but most of all on the decoration seen in Mad Men. That 60’s feeling is taking my breath away, leaves me in awe and never ceases to inspire me! From both graphic and floral wallpapers to tufted pieces to earthy colors Mad Men has a special charm to it, something that will take you to that era and you’ll end up digging retro interiors like never before (that’s what happened to me). So now, please enjoy a few pictures of the Mad Men interiors:

P.S. Happened the second time to me when I got crazy about interiors seen in a movie or series: first was Julia’s kitchen (Julie & Julia) and now this. Just wondering what’s next :)

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