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Neon wedding table setting

With neon being everywhere for the past year or so, we can’t escape the trend no matter how hard we try. So we can only do the best of it and use it in chic, bold ways. Like have a neon color palette for decorating a wedding. Sounds insane, right? Not if you set limits and decorate with neon within them. Then you can achieve a fashionable and very cool look that will wow everyone. Here’s a table setting to inspire you if you plan a wedding/shower/birthday party anytime soon:

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‘Neon bright’ home tour

I was flipping through the special edition of Adore magazine the other day and spotted a home tour which is definitely not for everyone! Decorated mostly with dark hues, the home does have pops of bright neon colors seen in coffee tables, decorative letters, wall art and more. And I remembered that I got to see some pictures of the home before yet never knew they belong to one space (and couldn’t even imagine this!). Here are a few pictures:

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