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Peacock Pavilions

Hello, everyone! Can I confess something? I have a dream destination for quite a long while now – Marrakesh! I’m fascinated by the rich culture and that spirit of a this-is-another-world’s city dominating there even nowadays. Maryam, author of My Marrakesh blog has always been an inspiration to me and I cherish every single post she’s writing on her blog. So, my huge wish is to get to Marrakesh one day, meet Maryam and stay at her hotel Peacock Pavilions! A girl can dream, right? Let’s speak about Peacock Pavilions now. OMG! That place is blissful, majorly inspiring and just a beauty out of this world! Golden touches, hand embroidered cushions, hand painted staircases, stunning light fixtures, absolutely mind-blowing decor and colors – this is a small part of what Peacock Pavilions are! Anyone care to join me in my dream destination?

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