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Weekend destination: Perivolas

TGIF!!! I’m afraid I say this every Friday, but I’m really REALLY happy the weekend is almost here. I had a hectic week all being a part of an insane period in my life, with way too many ups and downs. I know well the story that you’re the owner and creator of your destiny, but will you believe if I say that sometimes there are other factors that have so much bigger influence on my life than myself? By no meaning I want to spread negative vibes through my blog, that’s why I’ll stop here with my confessions and share instead a gorgeous hotel located in Santorini, Greece – Perivolas! I have nothing else left than just to daydream about it and intensively visualise myself there (you know how they say – ‘when you visualise, you materialize’) – this place is too amazing to be left unshared :).

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