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On my wishlist: “For like ever” poster

Hello, my dears! Welcome to another Monday. Will kick off this week with one more item which I’ve added to my wishlist: the For like ever” poster from Village. Isn’t it absolutely fabulous? The poster is one of those things that don’t need introduction nor many words of admiration, right? Well, I’m all for it – I adore it and enough said! Just for the record, in a little more than one month is my birthday, but I accept presents now too, in case you want to make me a gift, in a form of a lovely poster :)

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We all know the Keep Calm posters, don’t we? Available in lots of colors, they’re a great accessory in a home! But what we didn’t think about is that there are plenty of variations of the “Keep calm and carry on” which are quite funny and would also look great in a room! Some days ago, I came across one funny variation of “Keep calm and carry on” and was so curious to see what else I can find, so here I am now, bringing to you some funny quotes, hoping they’ll cheer you up a bit:

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