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Rustic romance

Every once in a while I like to escape (at least with my mind) to an absolutely different environment, daydreaming about spending time on a lavender field, in a beach cottage or rustic romantic home. I guess the idea of a soft sunlight making its way through the light curtains of a living room decorated in a rustic style feels too attractive for this city girl who can’t imagine her days without constantly running around :). I found the perfect inspiration for all of you who feel the same, so let’s just run away for a few minutes to a gorgeous rustic home where serenity and romance is all you’ll see.

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Escape With Rustic

Just imagine having a warm, comfy home somewhere between woods, hear the birds singing all day long and enjoy what our mother-nature is giving to us. Sounds attracting, doesn’t it? Now for real, I would like to have a home decorated in rustic style, but the most important is to have a fireplace to warm me up during cold winter days. Yeap, that is my dream home (second home, after having an urban one). These are the pictures that inspired me for my dream:


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