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Concrete and wood

Would you use these two in your home, together? I’m not a big fan of concrete when it comes to living spaces, the coldness of this material makes me shiver when only thinking about it. Of course, the wood warms things up a bit yet I still feel I wouldn’t put concrete floors in my home (plus who needs so much gray color?). I do like how concrete and wood look though – one has to be real bold to have the combo in his home.

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Home Tour: Vanilla Dream

Vanilla Dream is a white home located in Sweden, where a family of four live their vanilla dream. The couple renovated their home completely, starting with ceilings and finishing with floors. And it’s truly impressive what they’ve done, the white cottage looks so classic styled and very charming as I think they white bleached floors are what give to the home the feeling of a modern place. That home is dreamy indeed and I hope you’ll enjoy the tour:

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