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Pick a color for this fall? Check!

I’ve finally chosen a main color for this fall season! I never do that normally, but this year it just came onto me and I couldn’t help, but melt and accept the idea! You won’t be surprised to hear what is that color as I blogged a few times about it (like here, here and here) – teal/peacock blue! I’m fascinated with this rich and deep hue, it’s so sophisticated and glamorous! I love it both in interiors and fashion, so I guess my choice couldn’t be more perfect! I already bought a few scarves and pieces of jewellery and I won’t stop here – it’s been way too long since I had some popping colors in my life.

What is your color for this fall season? Are you sticking to the traditional brown or going with more daring shades?

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Teal fever

I’m loving teal as an alternative to green or blue or even these bright neon hues that are now everywhere – from furniture to wallpapers all the way to fashion! I kind of like how neon looks, however in hopes of being a trendsetter I now pronounce teal the new neon! And why not? Teal can look elegant, sophisticated (heck, yeah!) and not least very sexy! I think this color is slow, but steady becoming my go to shade (I really have this strong feeling that teal fever is yet to come in interior design world). Here I am, anticipating the trend with some inspiration:

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Mint & Teal Christmas {this year’s fave}

Hello, friends! First of all let me apologize for being absent yesterday, leaving you with no post (can’t remember when that happened before, probably never). I was out of town all day, helping my MIL with her exhibition. But I’m back now! I missed you and hope you missed me too :D. And yes, happy December! Oh my, isn’t it unbelievable how fast time flies? In just one month we’ll say bye to 2010 and graciously embrace 2011. And this means what? Exactly – holidays are just around the corner, with reasons to decorate (and some shopping of course!). People are asking me what are  my favorite colors for Christmas this year and my answer is always the same: mint, teal, emerald green! I’m astonished by this color combo for a few weeks now! And imagine my face when I saw it in the latest Rue, on a Christmas tree (I was blown away, seriously!). The combo is so gentle yet so vibrant and modern. Traditional? No. Boring? No way! Awesome? Yes, please! I love it and will definitely consider decorating my tree with these shades. What about you?

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