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Paper art by Jen Stark

Have you guys heard about Jen Stark? She’s a contemporary artist whose paper cutting skills (for example, go see the wood work) are outstanding! I was left speechless when I saw the colors and the overall look of her kaleidoscopes! And yes, everything is handmade and unique which makes it even more beautiful! Take a look:

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Lovely prints from ConiLab

I love when I’m contacted by readers who are also designers/artists and I get to be introduced to their work. Blogland is huge and it’s impossible to know everyone’s work (and what are the odds to just stumble upon talented personalities?). So I’m grateful when I receive sweet emails which are informative all at once. Case in point, I’d like to introduce you to Coni Della Vedova, graphic designers behind ConiLab, based in Barcelona, Spain. She designs adorable posters using 100% handmade serigraphy (aka screen printing) and I fell in love with them – even considering buying some for our baby‘s nursery :)

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Cocoa and Hearts paintings

I’ve been a fan of Jen Ramos for a very long time and few know that her blog, Made by girl, was the first interior design/lifestyle blog I read, which actually led me to write about interiors myself – so yes, I’m kind of emotionally attached to that blogger :). And she never ceases to amaze me – her latest adventure, Cocoa and Hearts, is truly fabulous! Jen is a talented artist who paints gorgeous art that embraces fun colors and yes, I had to share some faves with you.

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Think Big

I just came across a home that perfectly fits under the saying ‘think big’. With mostly big size wall art, that space became a livable gallery, eclectic and grand. And I got myself thinking that big pieces are the only thing you need in a home for a bigger impact and a more dramatic look. Whether it’s about paintings, mirrors or even rugs it all works the same. Think big, people!

*images via Apartment Therapy

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Personalize your walls

Throughout a life time things change. We change, changes our style and interest, but one thing is what stays with us forever and these are memories which we try to keep alive as long as we live. To help ourselves in this, we take pictures, print and frame them, to hang them on the wall afterward and smile whenever we look at them. And this is great, but I got myself thinking that there are too many framed pictures in our lives, so it’s maybe time to bring a breathe of fresh air, don’t you think so? Maybe think of some other ways to personalize our homes?..Bingo! I did the ‘finding another ways’ for  you, just because I love my sweet readers :). I should mention that I was inspired to write this post by the youngsters of Young house love as they shared their ways of transforming their memories in wall art.

So, here are the ideas of personalizing our homes:

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Glass painting+Wall art

I was always wondering myself why do very talented people prefer to keep their gorgeous works for themselves?! I know couple of them who are doing exactly this: one friend who’s building real ships on a smaller scale (see here), my MIL who is doing amazing hand embroidery just for pleasure (see here) and now one more great talented person, my SIL who’s enjoying a lot glass and wall painting! Just imagine this, handmade glass painting (!), how hard this should be? I want everybody to know about her incredible works, so here they are:

Glass painting


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